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a few words about hola international llc.©

I came into the immigration business somewhat by accident.

Being an immigrant, I found there was a growing need within the U.S. Government for bi-lingual services. Being fluent in both Spanish and English, I found work in the justice system, translating for the courts to Spanish-speaking defendants. Eventually, I became a probation officer, serving the needs of the courts, the law enforcement agencies and the offenders. Along the way, I discovered that many immigrants needed not just translation, but guidance and support in their cases.

After seeing many of the difficulties, I began a diligent study of immigration law. I decided to dedicate my time in counseling people through the many options of immigration success. As I became more efficient and knowledgeable, I found the USCIS very cooperative in giving me “hands on” experience in my new profession.

After consulting with many agencies and ensuring that my procedures were compliant with immigration law, I launched Hola Inc. in 1995. Since that time, my staff and I have handled thousands of cases at an affordable rate with an overwhelming percent of success. Please check out our testimonial page for just a few examples of our successes.

I am proud to say that we have helped many achieve the “American Dream” at substantial savings. Because of our relationships with relevant U.S. agencies, we have saved our clients both time and money.

You will find that I truly care about getting you results.

Hugo Arias