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Welcome to

Hola Intl. LLC©

welcome to hola international llc.©

IIf you truly believe you could build a successful life in the United States then let me help you.

First, because all U.S. documents are created in English, you may struggle with the forms and interviews without an experienced advocate.

Second, the forms and applications are created in accordance with U.S. law, policy and procedure. Again, an experienced advocate will understand the questions quickly and advise you correctly.

Third, there are many methods to immigrate to the United States. The best method depends on your circumstances, your nationality and your reasons for coming here. Your application may pass through several branches of the U.S. Government. You need an advocate who has experience with all of these agencies and can present your case in a reasonable and concise manner.

Finally, why should we be your first choice as an advocate?

  • Our business was founded by immigrants which allows us to have a unique perspective in the challenges you will face.
  • Before starting this business, we were employed by different branches of the government; we utilize these contacts because they know of our experience and they trust us to do things correctly.
  • Our rates are fair and our clients know what the charges are before the work is done.

If you are serious about immigration, contact us immediately at (208) 552-6241. Hola Intl. will save you time, money and give you a greater chance at successfully immigrating to the United States.

  • immigration 101
  • Fact: The United States is a nation built by immigrants.
  • Fact: The United States wants immigrants to build upon their dreams.
  • Fact: The United States wants you to be successful and not be a welfare recipient
  • Fact: The United States expects you to embrace your citizenship and appreciate it.
  • Fact: The United States is open to legitimate and legal immigration


An advocate service for potential immigrants looking to come to the United States.

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